Sonic Crew

Matthew Gerber Corn

Manager, Sound Engineer, Receptionist, Producer, you name it, he wears all the hats!

“There are many phenonomens in this world but the one phenonomen that has fascinated me for many years is sound. How a sound is made and how we as humans perceive a sound is something that has, and always will, amaze and intrigue me” 

You only need to meet Matt to know he has a passion for everything sound!

He is the driving force behind Sonic Playground ever since he took over as Manager in 2011 and completely transformed the space and company he had worked for over 16 years.

A Sound Engineer with over 18 years experience in the industry he knows all there is to know about voice overs, post production and delivering to client on an exceptional level. Not to mention his approachable easygoing attitude, which makes him, an absolute delight to work with.

Stefan Zabielski

Sound Engineer

Since an early age Stefan knew that he needed to feed his passion for music and sound and make it his career.

Not shy of getting right in there and learning he completed his Diploma in Music Industry and Technical Production at RMIT and as if that wasn’t enough continued by studying his Bachelor of Arts and Music Industry majoring in Sound Design all the while working at Sonic Playground!

Not only does he specialize in audio post production for broadcast, he can also compose music for clients! Now that’s talent and an absolute asset to Sonic Playground.

Juan Martinez

Sound Location, Music Design

Juan is inspired by variety and knew music was his path.

Argentinean born and bread, Juan started his music career studying his music diploma at the Berkee International Network in his hometown of Buenos Aires.

With a hands on attitude Juan started conducting

recording sessions in his home studio and at Emotion recording studios in Buenos Aires.

After combining music theory and doing a part time course learning the in and outs of electronic

Music production, Juan wanted to further his knowledge with a Bachelor in Audio Production.

That is how Sonic Playground became lucky enough to have him as part of their team.

After graduating, Juan has been recording sound professionally on film sets for television and radio advertising. He’s our onsite Sound Location Recorder and also does design for short films and web series.

Robert Upward

Upward Studios, A Boutique Multi Award Winning Music Composition and Production studio. (Composing Song Writing, Music Production, v/o recording, sound design and music supervision.)